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We solve Business Problems with Information Technology

Many businesses today aspire to be globally competitive. Accessibility, convenience, efficiency, manageability – these are some of the traits of an ideal business. And with the current technology we have today, it is not beyond your reach. E-commerce is one of the best business solutions today. But how can e-commerce give your business an edge?

  • E-commerce is one of the least expensive ways of doing business today. You can cut marketing/advertising expenses.
  • Potential clients and customers can browse the products and services offered by your business 24/7 at the convenience of their own place.
  • E-commerce allows you to offer services and products in a global customer base.

There are still more advantages that e-commerce can give to a business. But knowing the solution for your business problems is not enough. It is imperative to have the right company to provide you with these services.

DWG is the RIGHT solution for your business needs.

Digital Web Group is a responsive, interactive company which can offer you choices from a variety of excellent services. Ranging from initial web development to post-web-publishing maintenance and personalized customer care. Our focus is building websites that are fast, eye-catching, user friendly and optimized for search engine placements. 

DWG can offer:

  • Low web development cost
  • Low-cost domain name registration
  • Full spectrum consultation services on all aspects of E-commerce
  • Superior website design which will reflect your business objectives and present a professional image to your clients
  • Reliable premium web hosting services
  • Domain name management
  • Website design for search engine optimization (SEO), placement and ranking
  • On-going personalized support services to help you maintain your website
  • Networking service consultation and installation

DWG can build you a whole new website, update your current website and offer you state-of-the-art web hosting that will ensure your website is always live.


Advanced, Enterprise-Level
Hosting at DWG now!
Digital Web Group Inc. is pleased to announce to all of our customers that we have upgraded our entire hosting system and deployed each website across an entire cluster of servers, all working intelligently together, all poised and ready to instantly reroute web traffic should ANY component experience failure. That means when a server crashes or a hard drive fails, the other servers in the cluster pick up the slack without a byte of lost data!
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