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Dave Dewbre, is Chief Executive Officer of Digital Web Group, Inc. (DWG), and is President of the Electronics Division that sells the innovative DWG™ waterproof stereo motorcycle speakers and motor bike amplifiers. He concurrently heads up the SiliconeWorks International™ division, which owns and operates online retail stores selling the exclusive Nubra® adhesive bra cups by Bragel and other scintillating silicone body enhancers. 
Digital Web Group, Inc. ribbon cutting by the Tucson, Chamber of commerce, Arizona
Digital Web Group, Inc. ribbon cutting by the Tucson, Chamber of commerce, Arizona. Center is Dave Dewbre, CEO and Diana Limjoco, CFO

With 28 years experience in the Information Communications and Technology business, Dave is top gun for the six-figure, eBay Auction Division and has achieved Power Seller status with more than 5,000 satisfied customers. The overwhelmingly positive customer feedback sent to the Siliconeworks and Digitalwebgroup eBay accounts is first-hand testament to the superb sales, service and customer trust record that Dave has accomplished in the industry.

Dave is a staunch proponent of women’s rights in the workplace and has implemented company policies that provide growth for women in his organization. Dave’s openness to suggestions for the collective benefit of women in the workplace and at home guide and influence his business decisions, and he is an exemplary employer in areas of career advancement, working conditions and employee well-being.

“Our daily work with revolutionary adhesive bra cups, Nubra® and the customers it attracts has sharpened my awareness of contemporary women’s issues here and abroad,” explains Dave. “Every link in the chain from supply to consumer is highly dependent on women. For me, an enduring appreciation of women’s essential role in society is inevitable.”
Dr. Gregorio Limjoco, senior, one of Diana's first role models
One of Diana’s earliest role models, her paternal grandfather, Dr. Gregorio Limjoco. He was remembered as an exemplary employer and a humanitarian.

Diana Limjoco, is Chief Financial Officer of DWG, and is President of the Web Development, Marketing and SEO divisions. Due to her finely honed, unmatched expertise in search engine systems and technology, her 20 top sites have constantly achieved “#1” positions for their product categories.
Diana, a Filipino-American highly acknowledged by friends, colleagues and captains of business and communities to be ahead of her time in thought and accomplishments, is a triumphant, childhood kidnap survivor, a women’s advocate and a civic leader in communities on two sides of the ocean. Her mother and role model, Helen Limjoco, is a breast cancer survivor, who at 82 years of age is still in remission after 22 years, for the most part with the help of Diana’s extensive research in alternative medicines and herbal therapies. Both of her parents are nationally recognized civic leaders in the Philippines.

Diana founded and funded the now very successful public access station MCTV-Channel 15, which has unified the cities and towns in Northern California’s mountain communities in Siskiyou county, bordering Oregon, and now operates out of College of the Siskiyous.

In the same caring spirit of civic mindedness, Diana is in the process of creating an online mentor program for the company to pave the way for young entrepreneurs to learn, interact and be guided in their ambitions and aspirations.

“Our world is getting smaller and smaller as far as resources are concerned. We need more environmentally responsible Business leaders and companies to find “greener” ways of doing business.
Diana Limjoco
CFO- Digital Web Group, Inc

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