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We appreciate your interest in Digital Web Group, Inc. DWG offers a free web design quote to help us better understand your needs and goals for your web development project. Please complete as much of this form as you can. We will then email you a proposal, which includes a quote, project schedule and description of tasks.

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Project Questionnaire
1. What is your preferred domain name if you do not have one yet? www. . 1st choice
www. . 2nd
www. . 3rd

2. What is the purpose of your website?
3. What theme would you prefer for your website? Are there any particular colors you would like us to use?
(Professional, corporate, fun, flashy, bold, wacky, etc.)
4. What elements will you provide to help create your website? (Company brochures, logos, catalogs, text content, pictures, etc.)
5. Would you like, or do you need, your website to contain any of the following capabilities? (Please check all that apply.)
Interactive Menus
Feedback Form(s)
Message Board(s)
Banner Ad System
Website Statistics

Password Protection
Audio/Video Streaming
Flash Animations

6. What is your estimated budget for this project?
7. Are there any websites you'd like us to view for style references?
(Please list them below and describe what you like about each one.)
8. Will your website require updating? Yes  -  Frequency 
No, I'll do the updates.
9. Will you be using our web hosting service? Yes No
10. Is there anything else you'd like to include that might help give us a better 'feel' for your web project?
Please note that quotes given using this questionnaire are not final. This questionnaire is used primarily as a starting point for us to understand what you need. You'll be contacted by our design team to discuss all the details and features of your web project. After that consultation, a formal project proposal will be produced and the final price determined. Please press the submit button only once.
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