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E-commerce: A Catalyst for Business Success

Statistic shows that over 1.5 billion people use the internet. Considering the potential customer the internet offers, a website is a good investment. Owning a website is like having a brochure posted and available 24/7. With e-commerce, your business can operate all day every day and you will be able to do business with anybody connected to the internet. The fact that electronic messages are faster than traditional communication methods gives e-commerce the upper hand for businesses and consumers to communicate and conduct business.

Businesses, big or small, need to have web presence. The Internet has become a viable alternative to search and shop products, services and businesses. Please, feel free to browse through our offered services. Let Digital Web Group help you get up and get out there. And join the World Wide Web with our array of professional web design and development services! We are here to help you.

Web Development
- Domain Registration
- Web Design/Programming
- Database Development

Web Hosting
- ASP 5.6 Windows/IIS
- PHP 5 Linux/Apache
- .NET 2.0 Windows Server 2003/IIS 6.0
- CGI/Perl/Python

Search Engine Optimization (SEO )

- Shopping Carts
- Payment Gateways
- Consultations

Network Solutions
- LAN/WAN Connection
- Wireless & Frame Relay
- Servers, Software & Workstations

Registered eBay Auctions Power Seller
- DWG Ebay Store
- SiliconeWorks Ebay Store

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